the greates rapper of all times can spit like there be no tomorro

he can show ya'll the game and he be da balla!

there only 3 rappers that have the rhymes to be the king with the title "the greatest rapper alive"

that all mah ladies wanna junp behind!

then move and show em watchya wanna do

first of all theres nelly, jay-z, and shady ya kno they all be cravin me

they the best of in the game and they kno how to play it

they spit the rhymes that be movin on for the newer generations!
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ummmm.... ok then...............? I honestly don't have a problem w/ your opinion, but were you by any chance mildly drunk when you made this thread?

(we tend to say "greatest rapper alive" when we actually mean "greatest rapper that's still actively making music". That is the perspective that I am looking at this topic with)

There has always been one or two MCs at any point in time that have been the arguable kings of their era of rap. There was the KRS-one era; the Rakim era; the BIG and 2Pac era, which ended abruptly in the midst of all its glory when the two of them were killed; and what was arguably the Jay-z and Nas era has recently come to its end. After reading way too many of these types of threads, it seems that the majority of people who listen to anything more than just the mainstream hip-hop (including me) think that we are currently in an hip-hop era shared by Eminem and Nas. (That's not to say that I haven't heard a good deal of talk about Jay-z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and a good deal of fans talking about a lot of much less well known MCs. Plus there's always a good number of morons that will answer "2pac".)

Nelly is a great mainstream rapper. He has the type of content is easily sucessful to the general public: love themes, money, and partying. I have respect for him, and I do like much of his music, but the type of content I'm refering to isn't deep enough for me to consider him one of the elite living MCs.

Jay-z is also an okay rapper, although he is known for his more mainstream music that mainly consists of how much money he has and him bragging about how good he is. Even in his music that was intended to be deeper than that, it is still my opinion that he doesn't have very good rhymes and doesn't craft his words very well. Plus he supposedly retired, but it seems to me that we will still be seeing and hearing a lot from Jay-z.

on the other hand...

Eminem is one of the most original rappers I've ever seen (besides the fact that he's white). He has the best vocal skills and quickness I've ever seen in a rapper, great rhymes, freestyling skills, charisma, comedy, and definently uses emotion to fuel his lyrics. He's one of the few rappers around today that makes songs that are not about money and parties and are still sucessful with the mainstream. Definitely top 5 material...

Nas has been around for a decade, and he still is one of the best rappers. He has great flows, rhymes, and the best lyrics I've ever consistantly heard from an artist. They are genuinely poetic and thought provoking, yet you can always understand him and the thoughts he's trying to convey. He has better versatality than any other rapper I've seen, and can use his raps to embody any type of emotion or thought. I think Nas is the greatest rapper alive.
Alright if ur going to decide a greatest of all time today u would have to look to the past. The way i see it is Tupac is to Eminem as Biggie is to Jay-Z. Allow me to explain... Tupac and Eminem are very similar with the way they can switch their flow to any track. Another way the two are very similar is that neither one of them is or was only rapping about what they had or how much of it, alot of times they had thought provoking topics and spoke their mind poeticly. Ok, now Biggie and Jay-Z, they have extremly similar flows, and Jay-Z is known for "using" Biggies ryhmes countlessly. Both made all of their songs in one take, which in itself is a feat. Neither Biggie or Jigga wrote a single line of any of their songs they came up with all of that stuff in their head. Ok.... with all of that out off the way if ur going to say that Tupac was better then Biggie, you would have to say that Eminem is better then Jay-Z given ur judeging both set of rappers the same way. If ur going to judge lyrical content, flows and verasitilaty, give it to Tupac and Em. If ur going to judge the rappers presence and delivery, and how they came about those ryhmes you have to give it to Biggie and Jay. But in my opinion i feel its what you say that matters not how u come up with it, so with that in mind Eminem would have to be the "Greatest Rapper Alive"

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the greatest rapper alive today, is by far, as in like theres nobody even touching this guy, is........Eminem.........master lyricist, master flow, his vocal techniques are not only unmatced but unmatchable.........theres really nobody else that matters in the rap game today, the closest thing to him is 50 Cent so........

Many say Nas, but......nah, nas is nice he's mad nice, but he's no where near marshall...

many say Jay Z......but sorry, i know he's been rapping for longer, but he's just not as talented as eminem...

others say Nelly, Ludacris, Jadakiss, DMX, and so on but once again, no where near him....
would have to go with Nas,eminem isnt best rapper just very good or just better than jay z.
Nas is to Jordan as Eminem is to Kobe and we cant forget the jay z is to shaq thing either,so all in all arguably it can be viewed as a three way tie which in hockey would make them all losers so if thier all losers than who wins?nelly?nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biggie is by far the best rapper. We need more of him and no more of this bling bling club music.
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well, i think all music is good, some just better then others but who really cares![6]all music be bumpin, jus as long as u got the system to bump it, i cant tlk tho, cause i dont have a damned car yet. if it were a rap war then by far em would kick ***.. no doubt. he has the greatest skills then any other rapper round. dont go gettin me wrong they all be kool.. well, most, but come on.. put em and some1 in the ring em would kick ***.(*)
ppl dont get silly TUPAC 4 EVER
he was and still is da REALIST
H.O.V is by far tha best rapper alive!!! Simple as that maybe you clowns talking down on HOV should go cop tha blueprint and black album and then say something! H.O.V has been hot since tha Brooklyn's Finest joint wit Big (R.I.P) all tha way up to the My First Song Track on tha Black Album! And lets not forget how he smashed nas on tha blueprint Alubum, and he doesn't write his Rhymes. Can you think of anyone else like H.O.V? Let me save you tha headache Hell No! Now that H.O.V is retired Lil Wayne is tha ***!
Holla at ya boy
young young H.O.V (a.k.a I.V)
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