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One thousand begins it
A sound in the bridge ends it
The first of all letters in the middle is.
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One thousand begins it - M (in roman numerals)
A sound in the bridge ends it - J (the sound is similar dg)
The first of all letters in the middle is - A the first letter of the alphabet.
The answer is MAJ
he he, you won a star.
it was short!!
A question, you say the sound is similar (J) but I thought it was the same, I listened to it from you in voice chat, is it not the same? Can you write the sound if it is not /d + the other symbol/?
I don't know how to put the star, imagine this bigger and yellow *
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You need a "mag", a magician to do that. Lol.
What happened with the J?? Woodward???
I think Maj edited my post. I will change it back to the original 'J'. (don't do that maj)
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I didn't do anything. Are you becoming paranoid or something? By the way, I don't like my name written in capitals.
That was impressive Elena, nicely done!
I thought it was a good one too Elena.
Maj - I don't get paranoid Emotion: indifferent
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