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I think picture taking here makes me smile, as in RIGHT NOW, someone's taking my picture! CHEESSSSEEEE!!!
One shelterless person has made me smile today! He was drunk and sang different songs!
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My reflection in the mirror, hehehe! What's new?!
This forum! I like it)))
And I know why Prez1dent likes this forum. Simply because I am here! Hahaha!!! Emotion: stick out tongue
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Maybe. I would be bored without your funny-crazy-explosive-cheering up posts!
Hahaha! You bet! And may I ask how's Chip? Did he miss me?
He's OK! Wagging his tail and barking as well. His breed is Chihuahua. Buy a dog of this breed and have fun. They're soooo nice! And they hate being alone.
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I'm kinda not feeling good today so I don't feel like smiling. But anyway, Prez1dent, I don't wanna buy a dog, I want CHIP! Send me Chip!
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