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No! I can't! I love him too much!
Please remember we have a chat room associated with this site, and we have an area ("Foo") for more casual conversation. It's really not appropriate to have back-and-forth conversations between members that don't relate to the topic being discussed.

Thank you.
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I'm sorry we were carried away by our nice chatting so I've opened a special thread in "Foo"
Let's go here:

Regarding subject:
Nothing has made me smile today I've just got up!
some people I love them
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Why Prez1dent? Ah, I know why, because I was absent yesterday! Now you have a reason to smile, hehehe!
Now I'm glad. Ok?
I'm smiling because I made Prez1dent glad. Emotion: wink
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I see your post! Yeah I'm smiling too!