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Prez1dent made me smile todayEmotion: smile, you know why? Because he made a songs list ready to download especially for me and I find it so sweet.
i am interested in Sweetnsour post, Could you tell us further how your secretary making you smile because i want to smile on what you smile about her as well Emotion: smile
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A short message followed by a long talk on the phone made me smile today.
My father was out abroad for a mission and he didn't tell me when he will come back

Today, while I was watching TV, he entered my room and said hiiiiiii

it was a shock, but happy shock indeed.
a cool chat with some workmates about an old monthy pyton movie^^that really has been some fun. and telling ridicoulous jokes to a much older (but re-heally cool) colleague of mine
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My dog's smiled me))))
thx Hollie for this cute Topic ....Emotion: big smile
what made me smile today the replies on that Topic Emotion: smile
thx alot again t made me smile
I looked at the mirror and I couldn't help smiling, hehehe! Emotion: big smile
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You didn't see me...
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