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Again, I looked at the mirror and smiled! Emotion: smile
Hehe post here your photo we'll smile all!
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Here, look at me! Emotion: big smile
I don't see!
Here... Emotion: smile Hehehe! I look like the smiley so I put the smiley here
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Have you been smiling all day long?
Hmm... only when I look in the mirror.. hehehe!
Ok. How about people around you? Do they smile?
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Yesterday I met some of my friends. We haven't seen for a long time. We gathered in the fourth storey of a cafe near a big lake. That was so cool in this hot weather. I felt the breeze, the peace of my noisy city at night and the warmth of our friendship. We sat and gossiped about everything. It was funnier when I played some tricks on them. That drove some crazy but made all happy. We talked and laughed all the time. I smiled yesterday. Today I smile when thinking of happy minutes toghether with my friends.
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