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OMG.. it is so bad.. I realised I haven't smiled today Emotion: indifferent
Oh that's really bad. IF send your photo to him!
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Hahaha! I'd rather suggest, Neversaynever, just look at your mirror, smile, and it will smile back at you. Emotion: smile

You should smile more than frown, or else, don't frown at all! Know why? Because it's actually easier for the human face to smile than to frown, and according to some studies, we use twice as many facial muscles when frowning as we do when smiling!

So.... SMILE!!!! Say cheeeeeeeeeeeese!!! Emotion: big smile
i'm sorry i'm botoxed and im not able to do any face expressions:P

i'll smile in my thoughts cause i'll get all wrinkled when i do it in real life, and that shoudn't happen:P
Hehe and will you never smile?
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A post I've just recently read... Emotion: smile
IF's posts))))
Really? Oh, that's so sweet, Prez1dent. Emotion: smile And reading your posts certainly made me smile, too.
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My dog has made me smile again
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