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Can I see your dog, too?! Emotion: wink

Oh, I miss our dog, her name is Kitty... She's in the Philippines.
of course...
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WOW! Your dog's soooooo cute! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Hahahaha! What's his/her name? Oh, that dog's so adorable! Cutie, cutie dog!
Prez1dent's dog made me smile today.
short message from good friends....
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His name is Chip. He's wonderful! He makes me smile every day...
Chip sure would make anybody smile, he looks playful. Oh, how I hope I can borrow him at least for a day...
Hehe you won't like him! He's little (2,5kg) and cute but very angry... He can bite you
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Oh, you just don't know how much I love dogs, and I tell you, he'll behave just fine with me... Hehehe! 2.5 Kg? How cute, I wanna hug him soooooo tightly! Emotion: left hugEmotion: dog
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