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it´s just 9.30 am, but what made me smile so far was finally defeating those stupid trolls (end boss) in resident evil 4. they made me feel careworn the last time i played against them. and what else was a reason to smile was the prospect of just working 3 hours today. yeah
No he's wagging cuz he's seeing me... Not you. If he ever see you he'll bite you! Hehehe!
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No he won't bite me Prez1dent, I have this certain appeal for animals, they will love me at the very first sight!

Hehehe. Your appeal is not enough... You don't know him)))
the camera have made me smile today
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Being back made me smile!
Me too! I've arrived from Smolensk today...
8 people trying to clean up a house which we had slept and partied (hm, 1 party, 2 parties, partys?) in he other day made me smile today, total chaos and stress about absolutely nothing.
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Heh... A friend's joke has made me smile today
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