What made me smile today was seeing my neighbours granddaugther take her first steps. Awww, she looked so cute. Emotion: big smile

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An email from someone special... Emotion: smile
Awww, that is nice, Intelligent Freak. I am so happy for you. Emotion: smile

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Oh, thanks Hollie. Emotion: smile

And now reading your post here literally made me smile. Emotion: wink
i am smiling not because i read post of Holly but Intelligent Freak Emotion: smile
Hi Samsetza!

I'm glad to hear that my post made you smile. Keep smiling!Emotion: smile
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Today i was in the hospital .. and there was a little boy with his father , the boy was so afraid to do blood test . After he finished , he asked the doctor : " Doctor , would you return my blood to my body again after you get the test results ?!!! "

my secretary makes me smile all the time and she always smiling for no thing ....
What made me smile today is all the nice comments to this post. Emotion: big smile

Thank you to each one of you, for making me smile. Emotion: big smile

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