Im not even gonna try and do a full list of the top comedians but them making the shortlist are definitely Peter Kay, Lee Evans, Ricky Gervais, Biily Connolly, Chubby Brown, Johnny Vegas, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David etc, etc, etc. The list of great comedians is endless but who gets your no. 1 vote?
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Well, it's hard to name a No. 1 but I give my vote for Rowan Atkinson.
Eddie Murphy in his SNL days, when he was still in his prime.
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My Favorite? Red Skelton!! I also think W.C. Fields is really good.

For my part- Kermit the Frog (by Jim Henson). Hi has a style!!
Steve Martin is great, but I like Eddie Murphy too.
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In my opinion Conan 'O Brien, this guy is just hilarious.
Oh Yes! Eddie Murphy is definitely hilarious. Can't seem to decide who is number one, though.
Everyone has got it wrong Peter Cook is by far the best comedian of alll time, if it wasnt for him there wouldnt be british humour which we all no is the best in the world just like our beef

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