I am very intresting making friends with you and to know your country through my poor english. My english was so poor that i read these post in the forum difficultly. So i want to learn english. I believe that i will find many good friends in there.

I'm from china. My name is young. Now i am working in shanghai(the largest city in china).
I like sports(basketball and run), reading, tourism, finance(stock) and make friends.
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Hi, Young, I'm Charlotte. I'm glad that you sound determined to learn English! Your English might not be very good now, but always bear in mind that we're all the same, and we're all striving for the same goal together, so you're not alone!! Try looking within this forum and you'll find loads of good advices on practising English, and most of them are as true as true can be. Contact me if you like, I'm always happy to make new online friends who love English. Bye!
Hi Charlotte,
I'm glad to see you. Sorry for my late reply, because i'm alittle busy now and i send a message need eight minutes. I'm very pleasure to make friends with you. I'm looking forward to you reply .Bey!
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Hi Dear,

many greetings , in fact im really indeed some body to teach me english. I am really frustrated I dont know how can I improve my language????????

please helpe me
Hi, Young. Glad to see your reply. Contact me via e-mail or msn if you like. And, 'Anonymous'? May I know your name? Thanks.
hi my name is nagehan.I'm from Türkiye.I want to be a member of your site and chat with other people around the world.I'm a university student and I'll be an english teacher.I want to learn about much in english.I want to practice.If you help me,I will be glad.I'm looking forward to your reply.....See you.....
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Hello Charlotte,

I am very glad to see you. My name is Aye Thida Win from Myanmar. I am very eager to improve my english language. But I am very poor in english language although now I am studying post graduate level. I will be very pleasure if I could be friend with you and other members.
Have a nice time,

Anyone can teach me English Language since I am working in Big Company so my english was so poor so sometimes I encoutered so many different nationality in my Office but I cannot express to my self how I talk to them because I was feel that my english so would'nt correct.
hi friend i am akbar from pakistan and i want friendship with u my facebook id is Email Removed
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