I' m a French girl called Marine and I'm looking for an echange with UK or with USA. If you are interested in improving your french , i'd be very pleased to know more about you .
A bientot
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Bonjour! Je suis americaine, and je prende les classes du (de?) francais... J'ai pris deux seulement, et je ne suis pas tres bien. J'aime la langue, mais les personnes ici juste parlent anglais. Je veux parler francais avec quelqu'on de France et... improve. (je ne sais pas ce mot) Voulez-vous parler avec moi?

Desolee... My French is bad and I couldn't find the accents.
I can't understand what you wrote. But I'll answer the question: I really want to go to France. It's so wonderful, as far as I know.
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hi! what's your name ? (I suppose it's not Medusa171!). If you want I can correct your mistakes in french when you write and perhaps you could correct mines ?! you'd rather had written: "je prends des cours de français "and " j' en ai pris seulement deux et je ne suis pas très bonne" "quelqu 'un " rather "quelqu'on" and "improve" is "améliorer "in French.I would like to know how old you are and where you live in the USA. I' m 17 and I learn english for 4 years .I live in France but not in Paris : I live in Vannes in Bretagne ( it's 500 km far from Paris and we can swimm in the Atlantique).
bye bye !
Hello Marine,...
My Name is Alec and I'm from Italy and I'm 28.
I love french, I've been to Vannes and all around Bretagne.
It was maybe the best travel I've ever done (and I've travelled a lot!)
I visited aussi locmariaquer, carnac, quimpere, Concarneau, Brest, .
And above...Ile de Batz, dinard S. malo, Mont S. Michel.

Last summer I went instead more south,..la rochelle, arcachon,...but still I prefere la bretagne.

J'aime le français, et je voudrais améliorer a parler et ecrire,...
J'aime aussi les huitres que vous avez la bas,...les plages,...

bye bye,..talk to you soon (j'espere)
Oh, my God, I can't understand anything at all from what you all had written. I haven't the slightest about French, and I suppose I'll learn it in a near future.
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Me too, nga. I love this language.
My mother used to be in Paris. She did climb up to the top of the Effel tower and take a lot of photos of the whole city's scenery. They were so wonderful. In Vietnam, we call Paris "Kinh Do Anh Sang", which means The Light City (I don't know whether I tranalate it correctly).

Is there anyone from France willing to tell us more about your country?
i want.....i want....i want....
specially if it's free Emotion: stick out tongue Emotion: stick out tongue -P
who want to pay it for me , please......please.... (i'll be nice [A] )
cause it's one of some place i want to go
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