Who we?

Who we? Who are you? Do you really know you’re self?

Maybe yes/No. In fact I don’t know my self very well. I don’t know if I am clever person or not. I really want to know that, but I can’t because I don’t know what does clever means.

The meaning of clever is intelligent, able to learn quickly, solve problems answers clever questions. I am doing all that, but I don’t think that I am clever person.

What does clever or intelligent means?

In those days, anyone who can use any machines or computer very well people call them clever. I don’t agree with them.

What we are doing?

We just use machines that already some one worked very hard to invention it. What we did we just simple use it and we proud that we know how to use it. A lot of people look at us like we did something very clever. In fact we didn’t do anything.

I remember ones my friends were in problem. The problem was something in computer they try to solve but they couldn’t I told them the solution then they solve the problem. All my friends said to my “you are clever”. I said no I am not clever. All the time I am asking my self what does cleverness means.

I think the clever people who did something to help people or discover land or make new method or theory, or make new machines which offer our time. For example Aristotle, Einstein, Bill Gates, Addison …………

Most of them said that clever and geniuses are relying on working hard and observation. All of them did something to help and make our life easier.


What do you think are we clever?

What can we do to be clever?

Dose good grade in test makes us clever?

Does clever different that geniuses?

What do you think?

I think you are right. Society`s criteria of cleverness and stereotypes seem to be right. But they are wrong.

Everything`s just matrix. Everyone has one. They are above 5 billions on this planet. What is stereotype? It`s just the approximation to life. It can never be real. What are criteria and labels? They are stupid. Never think they are right or else you`ll get to an end. Illusions are made life-like nowadays. One should think more. One should act more. One should be a human-beeing. Don`t let them think for you, plan your life for you, calculate your profits and expenses for you, love for you, make these cliches your life. You`d better stop and think about it. What? You are shivering? Nevermind... You cry and run away. What does this crazy man say? Police! Someone call the police! Get him to the jail! Not let him say these things. Stop`im! Most of you are afraid to stop and think. Nothing strange. Our parents studied us to act like this. Run, man - run! Rush and haste!

Nonsense! I WILL BE!
hi chaoss

I am good thinker. I think before i am doing anything. but sometimes you think in good way but not all times it works. sometimes i think to do something good for someone but what happen is he never understand what I did for him. He think that he is clever and I am who stupid. [A]

so really I don't understand who is clever? How people judge or socity if we are clever or not???
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It`s up to you. You should judge for yourself.