A wizard left each of his three sons a gift before he died. The oldest received a mirror, through which he could see anyone in the world. The second, a horse which could ride to any place in the world in one day. The third, a magic apple which would never rot, and when eaten would cure any disease.
One day the brothers heard about a princess in a faraway land who was dying of an unknown disease. Rumour had it the king would let the man who saved his daughter marry her. The brothers sprung into action. The first looked in his mirror and saw the ill princess and the land she lived in. All three jumped on the second brother's horse, and they rode so fast they got to the princess' land the next morning. Then the third son took his apple to the princess, who ate it and recovered full health instantly.

The king was grateful, and indeed intended to let one of them marry the princess. But it had taken the cooperation of all three brothers to save her. Which one did the king decide should marry his daughter?
The third son who sacrificed his magic apple for the princess.
They all do, the princess is a playa'!
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the first son would marry her Bcause he was the one to locate the princess.Without knowing the location the magic apple would be of no use to the princess and the transportation can be made by someother means.
And without the apple the princess coul dnot be saved so how are you so sure it's the first guy and not the third?
It was the third because who ever saved the daughter gets to marry her and its says "Rumour had it the king would let the man who saved his daughter marry her. "
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since the king is the princess's father couldnt he tell them where the princess was? and i think that since the king was her father he might be fairly close to the princess so the ride would take just as long right? and then the only one left that he could not control would be the man with the apple so he should marry the princess