Network providers can leverage the dynamic provisioning capabilities of the ABC platform to allocate additional bandwidth as new wholesale.

What does wholesale in the above context mean? Is it just something like a very large number, or does it have any specific meaning in IT? Also, can someone please explain to me what dynamic provisioning capability is?
God I hate IT babble! - They're trying to sound like they know what they're talking about.

Please send them an email saying: "If you've decided not to use a clever and simple way to describe your product; how good can the product be?"

dynamic provisioning capability!! hahaha - tears - this phrase literally says nothing, and could have been easily left out!? whhhhhyyyyyy!!!!

Note to any IT companies: I'm a developer and programmer with >20 yrs experience; I’ve worked on some of the most complex things imaginable with some of the biggest companies in the world - nothing I’ve ever worked on couldn't be explained to a 10 year old child - Please stop trying to confuse people to hide your own ignorance..

I think I should start using phrases like "resource allocation" to sound important.

Corporate Language [url="http://www.btinternet.com/~mr.nik/business /"]Taken from here[/url]

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Stating things in a way that makes you seem important and knowledgeable.
Making sure what you say can't come back to haunt you.
Repeating what your boss said, but trying to disguise it.
Inventing as many phrases for very good as possible.
Using warm, fluffy words to fool employees into being happy and fulfilled.

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You're talking about the Redback SmartEdge 800/100 right?

Network providers can leverage the dynamic provisioning capabilities of the SmartEdge platform to allocate additional bandwidth as new wholesale customers and additional broadband subscribers are added.

The SmartEdge *** makes allocating additional bandwidth to wholesale customers or new subscribers easy.

I would imagine "wholesale customers" refers to customers who re-sell your product in this case.. As you're talking about managing optical networks and dishing out bandwidth etc..
Excellent search, Hitch!! Yes, it is the SmartEdge that I am talking about.
Thanks for the whole sentence; I've guessed the sentence I had was incomplete. And thanks for all your comments, they really made my day. When you have to translate all those stuff every day, you definitely need such comments.Emotion: smile
oh yeah, I'll make sure I'll bring the bingo card with me everytime I'm translating.
haha Emotion: stick out tongue

No doubt.

If their promotional hype is such a hyperbolic mess,
then what does that say about their software coding?

I love elegant software.
Small, fast and clean.
That is why I do not use any of the newer browsers.
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