Is it funny or stupid to use "To whom it may concern..." as dedication? I have an empty page in my thesis. The one where people usually write some lovely dedications like " To my family" or "To John". I hate those and want to put something funny (or maybe finally nothing) there, but it should be funny also for native speakers... So what would you say guys?

Thanks in advance,

"To whom it may concern" as a dedication sounds a bit brainless to me. Sorry if that is a bit blunt.

If you want to do something comedic, then I would suggest dedicating your thesis to a someone or did something funny. For example, if you like George Carlin as a comedian, dedicate your thesis to him. And then you can describe that his humor allowed you to think more freely or be more creative.

For what it is worth, many academics lack a strong sense of humor, so I would think twice about veering too far off the beaten path. I would wait until I got my degree and then let the demons lose.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot MountainHiker. I was comfortable with empty page, but they called me from printing company saying empty page on the right side looks bad. Most probably I will leave it blank anyway. However I have few hours to find if I can put some dedication or epigraph there. Don't you by chance know some free epigraph databases on the web? So far my googling didn't help.

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Sorry, I don't have anything to suggest.