Would "whom" be the write usage in the types of sentences, where there is a preposition, and the word "those" in the preposition?


I would recommend this product to those whom like to eat.
Actually, no. It should be "...those who like to eat" -- "who" being the subject of the phrase "who like to eat", which modifies "those". Though you might say: "Since your snoring is incurable, I would suggest earplugs for those with whom you sleep."

And since I am the pedant, "right" means correct; "write" means to put pen to paper.
Is the reason because you would say 'you sleep with whom'. Meaning that you is the subject and sleep is the verb? And that is modifies those? But if whom was the subject then is would become who?
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Use 'who' when referring to the subject of the sentence, and 'whom' when referring to the object.

The below link explains it well, and also provides a tip for remembering Emotion: smile

I would worry more about "write usage" which should of course be "right usage" or better still "correct usage"