Hello everybody,

"George travelled 500 miles to get to hospital to visit her sister, Mary .............. was thoughtful of him."
a. that
b. which
c. who
d. what

Any comment will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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FOA IMHO a comma is missing after Mary. What is completely unappropritate here, which refers to unanimate objects, so this pair can be eliminated. Whois more suitable here. I don't know how to explain but that's my comment. Maybe I'm wrong, so the teachers will correct me Emotion: smile
'Who' is always used in reference to a named person.
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Right but if we use "that" won't it modify "sister"? A sister that... sounds plausible to me...What do you think?
In this case, the sister is named as Mary, so 'who' is required. And even if she wasn't named, the implication in 'her sister' is of an individual, making 'who' the appropriate pronoun.
I agree, 'who' is definitely the best choice...But is 'that' ungrammatical? Is it impossible?
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Hi guys,

"George travelled 500 miles to get to hospital to visit her sister, Mary(comma) .............. was thoughtful of him."

In my opinion, the correct answer is which. It's the fact that George travelled 500 miles to get to hospital to visit her sister, Mary which shows his thoughtfulness.

It's not natural to say 'a person is thoughtful of another person'.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi Maverick and davkett,

I mean, is this a defining, non-defining, or a co-ordinative relative pronoun? Could you please paraphrase the sentence meaning? It would help the function of the relative pronoun involved. What do you understand from the sentence?

thanks again

we cant use "that" with nondefining relative clauses.
it is obviously who here because which is used with inanimates.and of course there is a missing comma after Marry.and after coma we cannot use that...Emotion: snail
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