Jamie: Kat! I've been calling you.
Kat: I haven't been answering.
I've been deciding what I'm going to say to you.
Look, I went into this knowing I was #2.
But I thought maybe someday, I could become #1. For Jamie?

But I was wrong. And that hurts so much.
I made this for you. (She shows him a CD)

Who's gonna give it to you after today? Give him what? Gifts?
Yes, #1 in his heart.

"Give it to you" - I have no idea. Perhaps emotional support? I don't think gifts. And surely she doesn't mean casual sex?
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Thanks, D!
Apparently I've misheard on the last one. It's "I was gonna give it..."
Ah well, in that case she just means the CD. Emotion: smile