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shakespeare featuring dylan thomas, de la soul, q-tip and ren- now that'd be good- get pharrel in the video somewhere in conjunction with kahil kabril and mc solaar. nice. call the track 'woah'.
My vote goes to Wee Jasper!
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Nelly for the song "it is hot in hear"
you mean in "here" ?
Christopher Wallace!
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MMmm.... tuffie. gotta be toss up between 2pac and Mase for this year,
and James Brown, Curtis Mayfield for yesteryear.
chuck in Q-Tip, Pharcyde, and .........whats the guys name..."I'm slippin', I'm fallin', I cant get up,.......
There cannot be ONE greastest rapper of all time. I think it comes with time periods. In the past, it was KRS-ONE. Then, there was Rakim. Then Public Eenemy. Then N.W.A. It all has to do with who has escalated rap to another level. The climax was with 2pac and Biggie. Two of the greatest rappers of their time. Then after, there was Jay-Z and Nas. Now, in my opinion, it's between Nas and Eminem presently. Nas carries the crown as greatest New York MC, and Eminem is just raw talent all around. So after them, who knows who will become the greatest rapper(s). But to be honest with you though, I think 'Greatest' and 'Legendary' are too different statuses in which 'Legendary' is higher. 2pac, in my opinion is the most legendary, and that makes him the best.
Don't look at just skill, or vocal talent when considering the greatest rapper, what's equally important is their influence on rap, and taking this into mind, I don't think many rappers approach the level of Dr. Dre. Not only was Dre around in the NWA days, but he was there with Snoop and Pac, then kept the West Coast movement going when Pac and Biggie left. Dre signed and produced the greatest vocal talent that rap has ever known (Sorry, there is just no way you can compare Nas to Eminem, Eminem is clearly the better of the two vocally). Dre is still influencing the game today, after a LONG career in the rap game, by producing many beats which 50 Cent, Eminem, and Obie Trice rap on. No other rapper can claim to be influential for as long as Dr. Dre. On top of all this, The Chronic and The Chronic 2001 are still benchmarks in great rap. Other rappers may be good, but Dr. Dre is simply the greatest.
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