"Who's your daddy?"

Well, I first guessed its meaning was "Who do you think I am?" but I realized I was wrong. I heard this idiom in some American movies and series such as American Dad.

What does it exactly mean and when is it used?

Thank you.
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Yipes! Does anyone want to tackle this one? Someone who can say it with delicacy and yet not so vague that our guest would mistake the context?
It is an arrogant quote used by people when referencing themselves as the superior to the person or object they are opposing.

It is meant be said in a humor context, but some take offense to it when used in the worst of conditions.

1. If a cat scratched me and I put it in a cage, I would say, "Who's your daddy?"

2. If someone hit me in the face, and I had defeated them by using martial arts, I could tell them, "Who's your daddy?"

3. If I was playing someone in a game and defeated them, I could shout, "Who's your daddy?" to be arrogant about my superiority and strength that won the game.

Number 1 is meant to be humorous and slightly arrogant.

Number 2 is meant to be arrogant.

Number 3 is meant to be arrogant but humorous.

Most of the time people use this idiom to act humorous, but many may see it as arrogant or rude when said.

Many find this quote funny when the event happening is not too serious as described in number 2.
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Sorry for the interruption, would it be inconevinient to answer this by 'Ask your Mummy?
No meaning, X, and therefore dangerous. You would get either a blank stare or a punch in the face.
Thanks for the warning Mister Micawber, it's a traitorous land.
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It might be worth the black eye.


This is more what I had in mind:

"Who's Your Daddy?
-- a colloquial phrase that [has recently] gained popularity .... It is a demand on the speaker's part for respect from the addressee, and tends to carry slightly sexual overtones, as it is often employed as a psuedo-Freudian outburst during sex.
-- slang term meaning "I control you", which is often used in prison and by members of the underworld. The expression ... has two sets of connotations: "I am looking after you" or "You are defenseless". The former usage may be derived from the term "sugar daddy", and often has sexually suggestive undertones; the latter usage may allude to parental dominance and authority. Today, the expression "Who's your daddy" is commonly used as an assertion of domination or sexual control in return for payment or protection."

See http://www.answers.com/topic/who-s-your-daddy

Let us not forget that the phrase can also be used without any such connotations by way of simply enquiring after a child's father. And when said father has been identified, ask for further verification e.g. birth certificates, postal address, DNA samples etc.
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