why don't people say "No turn right " instead of "No right turn" in the sentence:

This sign says: "No right turn"

Thanks a lot.
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Because "right" is used as an adjective (opposite to "left"), and so is placed before the noun (turn).
In addition, the different forms of usage: 'Don't turn right'/'No turn on right'
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Did you mean "No turn on red"?
I don't recall ever seeing a sign "No turn on right".
Hi ClifJim,

I meant 'No turn on right side' that is equalent to 'No right turn'.
Hmmm. Where have you seen that one?
We don't have that sign in California.
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"We don't have that sign in California."

I guess it mostly depends on the driving rules followed in a country. In United States, people drive on right side of the road and most often see the traffic sign 'No left turn' if a road work is going on or if the intersection is protected from left turns. On the other hand, in India, people drive on left side of the road and most often see the traffic sign 'No right turn'/'No turn on right side'.
What are you guys doing on the wrong side of the road???
You're going to get us all killed!!!!!

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(Thanks for the explanation.)

LOL, CalifJim. I guess most of the European countries follow the same rule: drive on left side of the road.
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