Why is everything so dark
when the sun is so bright?
Why do I gaze at the stars
when I am in so much pain?
Why is the sky so blue
when your eyes are so distant?
why can't I suffocate this fear
when you are not near?
Tell me why.
Thats a good one maj.Hope u like this one here....

Your eyes are everything for me.
There is nothing else that I want
My world is void without them
When you open them
It is morning for me
When you close them
It is sunset for me
My life and my death
Are under these eyelids only!
Without them I can't go anywhere.
They are filled
In my heart beats,
Carved in my breath.
I will hide them
From the whole world.
I will keep them
Embedded in my soul.
They are my world,
My whole existence.
Since I came into this world
I have not loved anything else
Except your eyes!
Maj I was already impressed with your simple and deepest words so even this one is too simple but sound good. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi, Anita_a

Your poem is also very nice and I like to read it but I want to know why you have posted it under other’s poetry. I think it would be better to post your creations in separate thread to get full attention of every reader.

Hope you would not mind it.

Keep continue sharing of your words

Thanks n Regards

this world is cold.

people are warm, but only their outer layers.

people are here to hurt.

they want what I have, but I don't have anything

take it then.
take this pain.

take this hurt. have it all. haha, trent reznor is coming out of my thoughts...

I want to be good, but I cant...I done sold my soul for a bottle of cheep vodka, and a half gram of cheep weed

pain is more than physical. its cheap. it's...lovely...so...lovely...

you never gave me anything but pain,

and for that I love you

punish me more you