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Yes, there are different theories.

I prefer to eat a fruit in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon, so I can reduce my hungry a little!

I eat always salad during my meal, because I don't like to eat it before the meal too.
Gaia74And it's not good to eat sugar after the dinner, because it stimulates the brain and you can dream more!
Dream more? Isn't that a good thing?:) I will eat sugar before going to bed then!:P
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I have to agree with you ... Nutella-party tonight? Emotion: stick out tongue
Great! I've got a plan for tonight!:)

By the way, I don't usually eat desert, I don't like it much, that's why I eat the piece of fruit before the meal!:)
You're very lucky! I have to take attention at how much sugar I eat, because I'm very greedy!
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why greedy
Anonymouswhy greedy
Am guts!


Personally I have a sweet tooth and I am in love chocolate but after having a meal, I feel sleepy and heavy that it's unpleasant to me so I need to consume dessert.

I guess dessert help us digest the meal easily.

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