Why is it advised not to take dessert immediately after/before meal?

Have a look on this link.

I believe Francesca will have an answer for that.
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lol Emotion: big smile I guess you think I'm a diet-geek now!

I took a look at that link; aside the digestion issue, I think that the dessert after a meal, since it's very rich in calories, just makes us put on weight, while a small piece of cake, better if home-made, eaten early in the morning helps us to face our busy working day; in fact our body needs sugar coming from the carbs during the morning, while it doesn't need it in the evening and during the night!
As regards the 'before a meal', the answer is simple: after eating a dessert you hardly get hungry before 2 or 3 hours, so a dessert eaten few minutes before the main meal simply 'ruins' your meal!
Emotion: big smile Fran, the dietist!:)

What about a piece of fruit? I used to eat a piece of fruit before having meal..and will start doing so soon!:)
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I've read that some dietists advise to eat fruits or vegetables before having a meal, because they say that you feel your stomach almost full and you're going to eat less in this way. Personally I don't like that because I need to start with salted food, I can't never start eating something sweet Emotion: tongue tied and I prefer eating vegetables as a 'side dish'.
Fran, I understand you! Same thing happened to me but once you get used to it..it become to be normal!;)

And yes, you are so right! It makes you eat less since you are not that hungry!:)
Jackson6612Why is it advised not to take dessert immediately after/before meal?
Maybe it should be avoided if you want to lose weight. But if you don't need to lose weight, there's always room for dessert. Always. Yum!
Most soccer and football players, cyclists and runners in genaral eat the dessert at the end of the meals (like a piece of cake). So it's not true that dessert has to be avoided. Emotion: smile

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G'day Jack the Ripper IV,

I have never heard of this advice.

Australians regularly consume dessert as a part of a meal.

Putting on weight has little or nothing to do with the timing of the consumption of joules but rather the volume of joules consumed.

I person will put on weight if they injest more joules than they exert. It is simple fact of Chemistry that I learned when I was about 7.

Hi all,

normally, if you don't want to put on weight, you have to eat "cakies, sugar, chocolate..." before the 10 a.m., so you can better consume it.

It's not so good to eat the fruit after the meal, because it ferments.

And it's not good to eat sugar after the dinner, because it stimulates the brain and you can dream more!

P.S. I love chocolate and everything that is sweet and I make more sport, so I can eat anything I want! Emotion: smile
Gaia74It's not so good to eat the fruit after the meal, because it ferments.

...but a meal without 1 fruit at the end sounds as an 'unfinished meal' to me! Anyway I went to a dietician some years ago and she advised me to eat 1 fruit at the end of lunch and dinner.
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