If you're against it tell me why.
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I'm very much against it.
It's terrible.
It's also very, very scary!
I think it would hurt a lot.
I can't understand why anyone would do it.
It just isn't natural.
No amount of money would sway me.
Nobody should do it.
Life without organs and a body just wouldn't be worth living!
What about if someone is practically dead because of a brain injury, he's already dead, but he can save someone else's life by donating his heart, kidneys, ....? I think this is very humane, I'd like to do that if I suffer from a brain death.

I also admire the people who donate one of thier kidneys to save a life, though I am not a kind of person to sacrifice that much for any person, though I'll do it for a member of my own family.
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Hi LanguageLover,

I'm afraid my joke was poorly delivered.

Humm ... back to the drawing board :-)
Sorry Clive, now I got it! Sometimes I act so stupid, I know that.
Not at all.
Not only was it a poor joke, it was in bad taste too. [hits self on head with heavy book]
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Please stop it (hitting yourself), Clive! It wasn't your fault, I'm a bit slow to feel someone's real intention when I'm not seeing his face! Yours was well delivered, don't judge yourself by a comment from someone who is not good at jokes. Emotion: smile
One thing I am definitely against is the black market trade in body parts.
It's fairly shocking how many respected institutions have been caught doing this. Couple their activities with legalised euthanasia, and the ramifications are blood-curdling.
I quite agree, Clive. Especially that this in poorer countries cause some criminals to kidnap and kill the victims for the organs! I hate it when human beings do not respect life for any reason, sometimes it's power, sometimes poverty, .... God bless us all. Amen.
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