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Because those countries use English EXTENSIVELY (and you shouldn't ignore that).

If it is not important, why did you raise the issue?
It looks to me like everyone forgot something that happened a couple of hundred years ago. THE AMERICANS REVOLTED!!! We don't use the "Queen's English" because we don't have no stinking Queen. Speaking of which, "LONG LIVE CROMWELL AND MILTON!!!"

Does anyone know who Cromwell and Milton are? Can you say King James I? Off with his head... But the English couldn't even get that right. King James II came in and it all started over again... King this, Queen that... English couldn't even govern themselves. No wonder we won the AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!

Born and Raised TEXAN... Not American.
BTW... Last time I checked, there were CONTINENTS named NORTH AMERICAN and SOUTH AMERICA but not any countries... duh.... Here's your sign....
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No wonder the Walt Disney company does so well. Some people just love to hang out in Fantasy land.

'The Americans are revolting!' they cried. How right they were!
Weren't the French involved in that revolting business too?
Yes, I think they were involved in many revolting businesses involving British colonies around the world around that time.
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I think the Freemasons (and their cronies) came up with many of those revolting plans.
Indeed the 'All Seeing Eye' is even incorporated into the 'greenback', but now I think we are getting a little off topic aren't we?
Maybe 'American' English would be more correctly called 'Masonic' English!
Another one with no sense of history! James I/II? It was Charles I who lost his head thanks to Cromwell and his New Model Army. Cromwell became Lord Protector of England until his death. Charles's I son, Charles II was invited back from exile in France to take the throne. See 'Restoration'. As for the governing slander, do a Google search for 'British Empire'
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I think... the presence of American English is not a big problem....people can try to decide which 'type' of English are they going to use......
Of couse.....no one is going to force an english man to use American english....
Somehow ....I think.....language is for communication...if American English can achieve this aim...then....why can't we accept one more alternative ??
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