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but for the foreseeable future there is little or no doubt that BrE is far more widespread and popular (and dare I say a lot more accurate

I am coming late to this discussion, but I would like to contribute my two cents' worth, or the equivalent in pence (or Euro cents). I greatly appreciate Young Californian's defense of American English and all Americans from this ongoing diatribe, and I agree with the earlier poster who suggested that it would be nice if "Guest" adopted a registered screen name so we know if we are dealing with one assailant or several. No one uses actual names here, but you could at lest have the courage of your convictions to sign your posts with a screen name we can identify from one time to the next.
I find it amazing, and rather frightening, that there are people who are "disgusted" by the very existence of an American version of English.
As far as the passage I quoted, I can't even understand what it would mean for one language, or version of a language, to be "more accurate" than another. Do you mean is it capable of finer distinctions? Do you mean that assertions expressed in it have a higher degree of truth than assertions in another language? Do you mean that it is closer to the ideal Platonic form of language, of which all existing languages are merely poor approximations? Please clarify your meaning, if you can do so with a minimum of venom.
No need to get upset. Over the years the english language has been modified or upgraded to be more user friendly. The Spanish language in central and south american countries has changed a bit but it is not to offend. You really should not be offended by this because at the end of the day it is still english and this language is global, no other language has made this type of impact. and also alot of the words that is in the english language, we both know they were not invented or made from the british. The language (and words) were assisited by the greeks vocabulary, way before a european existed. And in order to have a language you have to have words. I come into this discussion in peace so reply if you must--kindly.
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Though I live in New Jersey, I often use many British spellings. It's really no big deal. But I do double the last consonant in words such as "benefitted", "traveller", etc. It just looks right that way.
I don't like American English...
i luv american english cuz it's easier...
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Is it? I fiund it awful... I don't even like the way it sounds...

i think american english is more attractive...
I strongly disagree with you Merve... Emotion: stick out tongue

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why?Emotion: crying
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