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Because I simply don't like it... Emotion: stick out tongue

but so u dont like my accent:(Emotion: crying
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Rhetor wrote:

You can thank our Noah Webster for the spelling changes, which he incorporated in his early dictionaries, as well as his so-called "Spellers," which were practice books for the teaching of spelling to youngsters. He changed the "s" to "z" in "civilisation" and removed the foreign-looking (i.e., French) "u" from "colour." Good, bad, or indifferent, those changes stuck.
I believe the z in civilization is British—check the Oxford dictionaries. The use of s is French. Some of the British, and Commonwealth countries, adopted the s to differentiate themselves from the American usage. The American v. British English debate has gone on for quite some time—the ise v. ize debate has been going on since the nineteenth century!
The link is here: http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutspelling/ize .

Jack Yan
Ville_maddengurlbut so u dont like my accent:(Emotion: crying

Do you speak with an American accent?
oh i m sorry but yeah !!cuz all of the people speaking with american accent around me and i listen american bands and watch american series...
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But AE is awful...
no its not!
Hi Fleogan,

You wrote:
I don't think people learning English would have that much of a problem learning "colour" instead of "color", or "realise" instead of "realize". But now, thanks to American spellings, they have to learn two variations.
'Realize' is not an American spelling. Actually, the OED uses ize-spellings, and the ise-variants are given as alternative ones.
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I'm American, so my "default mode" is North American English. But I also like British, Canadian, and Australian writers very much. I'm usually comfortable with spelling variations. While spelling variations make English harder to learn, there are many other and far greater challenges in learning and using the language. This forum is full of those challenges every day! We all know this.

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