Why did the Americans change the spelling of some words in the English language? They've replaced some S's with Z's, they leave out letters in words sometimes (colour=color). What is the purpose of this? Why couldn't they just stick to the original language, rather than butcher it and try to pass it off as their own? As far as I can tell, no other country is arrogant enough to do the same. They might have their own slang words and things like that, but I have only ever seen 2 versions of English in spellcheckers...British English and AMERICAN English. Just thinking of the phrase "American English" makes me laugh, but it also makes me feel angry and disgusted. So what if they pronounce the words differently? People from different countries always do because of their accents, but WHY change the spelling? WHY?? HOW DARE THEY?? I've read some posts on similar lines to this one, and I notice that many of them talk as if they are literally just two different versions of a language, as if they started up at the same time. ENGLISH IS FROM ENGLAND OK!! The British invented the language, they should tell us how to spell. Too many people are using American English spelling nowadays, it really is sickening!

Sorry for being a bit rude but this really gets to me.
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Please low capital letters, net etiquette..

Not only accents are involved.
Yes, they are different versions of the language, the same happens with Spanish: Spanish of South America, Spansih of Central America, Spanish of Spain. Different words, different verb tenses, stressing, of course different accents, expressions, and both versions are correct.
That is taught at schools, under the Language subject.
to make it more shortly and easy language

I think that sillything, because it will be hard for me Emotion: crying

LOL [:^)]
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i suppose it depends on the powerful degree of a country but nothing about the american.

nowadays the USA is the most powerful and rich country, many many people all over the world want to learn its language. what would happen if the USA were a small and poor country? maybe u will never know the "american english" as well as which corner does the "USA" locate.

so, take it easy and do your best to make your country the most rich and powerful one.

BTW, english is not my native language, if anyone find any faults, please point them out for me. thank you.
As a matter of fact american english is rather different than british one. Americans have
another spelling of words and very often they speak so as they have something in their mouse. I've saw many english and american filmes listening for their speaches. Americans
spell words and phrases incomprehensibly and it's very difficult to foreigners to understand
them even when he knows all words in phrases. British are spelling words rather boldly and
foreigners can understand them even they don't know some words.
the main reason is that everything changes at every time and every place.
britain english is also inproved.america has his own custom,culture,and system,so,he can't accepte britain english wholly.he make some changes according his charactor.language becomes native.
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It wasn't actually the British who "invented" english. It was the Anglo-Saxons who came from the area where germany is nowadays (6)

They settled in england and decided to name their country Angle-land (England) and their language Angle-ish (English) 9-|
Well said Guest.

"to make it more shortly and easy language"
But the opposite has happened. The situation now is far more confusing. I don't think people learning English would have that much of a problem learning "colour" instead of "color", or "realise" instead of "realize". But now, thanks to American spellings, they have to learn two variations.
Du De=Ger you gave me an idea. Here Is The Origin and History of The English Language (History & Origins of the English language).
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