G'day forum,

Whay are anonymous posts allowed?

There is no continuity to the conversation.

I have no idea of the previous posts of the person posting the anonymous voice in the dark.

This lack of continuity makes continued interest difficult to maintain.

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Life is hard-- and then we die, Tin Man.
I now have your opinion.

All I need now is a translation.

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I often try to say 'I'm the one who started this thread' or something like that,
in order not to confuse the readers.
Is there any problem with me being an anonymous?
No problem for me; the disadvantage is yours, in that you are lumped with all the other Anonymi. As I learn the personality and skills of individual registered members, I can serve them more specifically-- I learn their levels, their interests, the thrust of their inquiries. Anonymi I treat as generic learners.
Doesn't Anonymous follow the irregular plural pattern... Anonymic? Emotion: wink
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I've actually always thought that anonymous people shouldn't post in some sections in this forum. I wanted to write about this in the section about comments, I don't think this is really a controversial subject.
Well, in brief, I thought that it's ok if anonymous people post in the grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation section, they need help and want to learn, and everyone has the right to learn.
But I don't like much when anons post in other sections, like the general discussion section or here where controversial subjects are discussed. I think those parts should only be for members. We are a community after all, and when we discuss a problem or talk with others about more personal matters, we usually want to know who we are talking to, I think. All other forums don't allow anons to post at all, and in the end members form a real community where everyone knows one another, in some ways. The difference is that here there are anons that are like masked people inside this community, our discussions are not between us, there is always someone who comes out of nowhere... and you could say: "Who the heck are you and what do you want?"
So, to summarize: Anons in learning sections --> OK, Anons want to discuss something not related to English learning --> No way, they have to register and join the community.
That's all. Emotion: smile
I think there is no such critical problem with anonymous posts Emotion: smile.Some people does not regularly visit this forum.Register in a forum for sending one post just to give an opinion is not necessaryEmotion: indifferent .Secondly some people do not want to be identifed so they keep themselves anonymousEmotion: wink.I have found in this forum that some registered members sent some odd posts and became an eyesore of the other members and ultimately they have to quit this forumEmotion: stick out tongue ,so being anonymous they have the facility to send odd postsEmotion: wink.Above all, anonymous posts are always moderated so if moderators allow them, at least I have no objection.[H]
I can understand why some people want to remain anonymous when discussing controversial subjects. However, I find it irritsating to know nothing at all about the writer and to have to guess whether two Anons are really different or the same person. I would call on Anonymous posters at least to say something about themselves, e.g. which country they are calling from or other information relevant to the subject under discussion.
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