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Or if you're a Facebook user, just hit the F Connect button at the top of the page - which makes it even easier..

To be more determined will be more effective
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I would register and pick a screen name, but I could not see how to do that.

- anon.
Grammar GeekIn the upper right corner is a link for "join our community." Click on that and follow the directions.

I'm puzzled. When I first joined, I read something by the administrators justifying the availability of the anonymous option. I bought it then and I buy it now. Whence this recent campaign?
People who throw spit-balls when the teacher's back is turned are a part of life. You'll never get rid of them. Why are we trying to embarrass those who truly need to be anonymous?
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I am not sure what Englishforums has in mind. I had created an account 4 days ago and I also have followed up with an inqury requesting feedback. When I tried to log on a few minutes ago, It still tells me "approval is pending". Maybe, visitors were tired of waiting for the approval.
I see your point, and believe it is a good idea for anyone who is contemplating signing-up. I believe much of why people don't sign-up is because they often answer questions or ask questions infrequently and therefore don't see a need to register an account. I'm new, as you can see, but I've been following this forum for quite a while now.

Also, RE the above, did you click the link in the welcome e-mail? This will activate your account.
I joined recently and I must admit that it's pretty great in here. Especially if you're an english student.
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