There are so many anonymous posts lately! It's much more interesting for the volunteers to answer posts from people with names. Please register and pick a screen name, especially if you are going to ask several questions. Thank you!

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Yes, this's always been my sentiment. I don't know about lately, but to me there's always been a lot of anonymous posters or even helpers on the forum. I've always wished I get a personalized screenname from the people whose posts I'm reading. Screenname seems to add a human/personal element to it.
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I agree.

We can give you more tailored help if we know what we said to you on earlier occasions. In other words, if we can recognize you. Emotion: smileEmotion: smile

Posts by anonymous posters sit for a while in the "moderation bin"; a poster who'd like an answer as fast as possible may have to wait longer than desirable for a moderator to get to the post.
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I want to have a screen name. Would you please tell me how? Thanks!
In the upper right corner is a link for "join our community." Click on that and follow the directions.
Can't agree more.Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
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