Why every body asks whether she is virgin or not but not a man; if girl virginity loss then every thing is loss and if man virginity loss then nothing is loss why? As male and female has a same right can anybody tell me about the fact behind this topic.
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I think the concern is that a girl may become or be pregnant. As far as I know, men cannot become pregnant, though I have seen men who look as though they are.
If I well understand your question I would say it is because of symbolism, and because of history probably. May be man and woman didn't have same rights on that point...
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yeah this thing kindda bugs me too... i mean if a guy want`s to marry a virgin girl than he should be like that too.. how come he gets to judge her and she dosen`t.... in my country a girls viriginty before she gets married is like the most important thing i mean her virginty means her pride and her familys and if a guy marries a gurl and then descover that she`s not a virgin all hell would be loose he knows but the poor gurl can`t tell the differnece i mean the man could`ve had sex like a million times b4 marrige and she wouldn`t know but he would know if she did it even by mistake!! and he gets to devorce and cuss her!!

in islam sex before marrige between a man and a woman is forbidden and both should be punished but our stupid culture does not rule by that i mean the boy could get away with it but most gurls don`t but i know that god is fair and he`s gonna punish those who thought they got away with it!!
Maybe it's right for a man not to be a virgin before marriage? If both are virgins, they may have some difficulties... Emotion: wink
SharannIf I well understand your question I would say it is because of symbolism, and because of history probably. May be man and woman didn't have same rights on that point...

I agree with Sharann, and with Rose as well... as most know, sex before marriage is forbidden in Christianity as well...
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The historical side to virginity being centered around females (especially from the Islamic perspective) is that families of high-status (not necessarily limited to royal) would have sons who would have a score or so of beautiful virgins of their own. If anyone else ever touched these virgins, they'd be beheaded, and if they ever had sex with one, the virgin would also be beheaded. So basically, the main reason that it's a big deal for women to be virgins is that men have been of higher status throughout history, and men typically prefer virgins. Even though we live in a time where men and women are treated equally, it is still considered to be a bigger deal when a woman loses her virginity than a man. This (ancient beliefs staying true despite a changing society) is true with many things. Another example is Muslims and Hebrews eating only things that are kosher. 'Kosher' began as more of a health belief than a religious belief, but even in today's healthier society, most Muslims and Hebrews still refrain from eating things that are 'unkosher' or unhealthy (pork, pheasant, shellfish, etc - typically animals that are unhealthy if they aren't prepared properly).

~I think it was more to make sure that she wasn't bringing another man's baby into the marriage!
Maybe it's the pregnancy thing behind it, maybe males once had a sign of virginity as well. I don't know, but it is unfair! There is solution for that in my country, and probably other Islamic countries: plastic surgury, it's getting very common, though it is illegal and the doctor performing it could be punished! So, the cost is usually high. There is one with a temporary effect, it lasts 2 months, and a permant method is introduced recently.
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