is it to show his superiority or does he cause it at all or What? Express your opinions here. even if you're not religious.
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How do you come to that conclusion kkklutch?
i don't have a conclusion to this question...
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Believe me, I am not joking when I say that perhaps you should ask God Himself.
hi, the question is maybe not really this one, I will ask you another question: Is it God or Man who causes such destruction? I don't think that religion, whoever u believe in, can cause destructions... ^0)
I am a Christian, and I have been fascinated with God all my life. I find the most intellectually satisfying answer to this question to be the answer given in the book of Genesis and and repeated throughout the Judeo-Christian scriptures.

Genesis is describes how God created the universe perfect, but in order to allow humans to be His friends and not His puppets, He gave them a free will. They could choose to live according to the rules under which the universe was designed to operate, or they could rebel, doing their own thing and suffering the natural consequences.

As the designated rulers of the earth, the choice of mankind to rebel against God's order had devastating results. By choosing to turn from God, Adam and Eve welcomed into the world all that was contrary to God—pain, disease, tyranny, death and decay. God had given humans a choice between a perfect world in obedience to Him, or a terrible world without Him. They chose the latter. And here we are.

Am I ever in trouble nowEmotion: smile .
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I am a non-believer. So my answer to this question is "It is unlikely that God really exists".
I think the Christian doctrine is not too compatible with the general belief of present time.
Anthony said that God gave _us_ free will and Adam and Eve chose to rebel. The consequence
is devastating. However, why should it be Adam and Eve who determine what kind of
world I (and all other people) should live in. In particular, when a baby is born,
before she can make any choice or commit any crime, she is faced with disease, evil
and pain. If God really exists, He wouldn't be a loving and fair super being.
The concept of original sin is something I can hardly accept.
Dear Simon billions believe in the existence of God. Fair enough if you don't. I cannot see how you suggest it is not compatible with the general belief of present times. That is your opinion but not what the vast majority believe. You have every right to believe what you choose so have others.
Dear David,
The general belief I am referring to is that we shouldn't be held responsible for
what our ancestors did. I feel that most people will agree with that and therefore
I call it a general belief of present times.
If Adam and Eve did something wrong, it should be they, not we, who suffered.
I have absolutely no intention to challenge anyone's belief. I just give my personal
opinion on this topic. If my wordings have caused any unpleasant feeling, please forgive me.
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