hi everyoneEmotion: smile i'm sylvie and i'm a little bit new here!!

now i cannot find it but i saw someone saying, that english boys like foreign accents of girls, and the most they like french ones!!!

you know i think this is so true, i am in london and the boys say, the french accent is so sexyEmotion: smile

now i want to ask, that is true?? why is that? because you know, i do not think it is sexy, my accent, not at all! Emotion: sad

but now i think that i will not learn to speak english too well, because then the english boys like me always!!

bisous bisous
sylvie b
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Boys like ANY accents, Silvie. I like yours already, and I haven't even heard you.
Boys like ANY accents, Silvie

How did you decide to say any accents instead of any accent, please?
I mean, are both options correct?
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Both options are fine here, I think-- and I used plural because, I suppose, I was thinking of all those girls!

I like any accents I hear.
I buy any posters I see.

Those seem to work satisfactorily.
mister micawber, it is so nice, that which you say to me!

but i do not understand still, why the boys like the french accent?

sylvie b
Thank you. It has been very useful.

is something personal of yours or is it a way of using the dash that I don't know?
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This use of the m-dash is somewhat a personal idiosyncrasy, I suppose, but not unprecedented. It serves mostly to replace a colon, and I find that it makes a clearer visual relationship between what precedes and what follows it. I may be wrong, but it is my habit. I would not use it in formal writing.
Hi Mr. Micawber,

I remember reading this in my writing handbook. Does this distinction still exist?

Here it is:

When do you use dashes?

"To join a phrase to the end of a sentence. The phrase might clip on an example, illustration, or summary. Or it might add a surprise, a contradiction, or an exception to the sentence. Like colons, dashes point to ideas. But where colons provide formal introductions, dashes introduce unanticipated guests."

Source: The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers
I think that most young men (or for that matter, most people) find foreign accents exotic. An attractive young woman with an accent is perceived as unique and usually less attainable than the females one is accustomed to. I'm sure it also doesn't hurt that the French have long been associated with romance. Paris is the city of love, right?
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