Why english is a very important language in the world?

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Hello! This is my first post
I have to make a videoclip, not more than 2 minutes, talking about the importance of english, the influence that it has in communication, bussines, studies, careers, all in general, why is the most important language in the world, why everybody in the world have to speak in english.
You can help me with videos, statics, images, well everything could be a good material for my work
thank you!
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Well I think the most important and useful thing is that English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The first one is Mandarin. Some say English is the second one and others say it's Hindi. Nevertheless, Mandarin and Hindi are concentrated in their respective countries, and English is more extended.

Apart from this, English is one of the simpliest language I've ever studied. For instance, you can see that German has multiple verbal conjugation, while English has just one (two with the third person of singular).

I hope I have helped you.

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Welcome!!! I have examples of the benefits of English for you:

All airline pilots and air traffic controllers have to speak English. They have to learn a precise and specific vocabulary. If pilots and controllers would speak different languages, international air travel would be very dangerous, if not impossible.
In many countries, the citizens have different tribal languages. Even though English is not a native language, the governments select Engilsh as an adopted national language. There are several reasons for this. 1) no one tribe will have a political advantage over the others; 2) a common language will enable people of different tribes to communicate with each other without them having to learn all the other tribal languages; 3) the government documents and laws written in English will be less subject to interpretation than if they had to be written separately in every tribal language; 4) an English-speaking population will attract International trade and foreign tourists; 5) the young people who speak English will be able to travel, study and work abroad more easily and 6) it will be easier for them to adopt new technologies, as well as to get the technologies that they develop exported around the world.
Many groups of people want to influence world politics. They want to ask for help, explain their situation, or argue their position. If they use a language that is not understood by people around the world, they will not have a possibility of getting what they want.
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for me i say that english language is very important cause where ever you go as long as you can speak English you can survive.Yes some people say that other countries do not speak the language but I still believe that as long us you are equip with this language you can toour around the world.

may be thatif u visited to any country or u never know about other country languagea and you may be face many probleams but if u know about english so your probleam be solveaand second thingh that it is most speaking language in all of world
urmm.. yup your exactly on the rght point... thank for the imformation.. useful for us especialy me... =__=
thank you for that very elloborating explanation for it......................
helloEmotion: shake hands a very nice postEmotion: rock !! but i think that u must give more information on WHY ENGLISH IS VERY IMPORTENT . i was searching for a debate based on this topic SADLY I COULD NOTTTEmotion: crying
On a personal note, I have been learning English to aid in the various meetings I attend as part of my duties as an Afghan University Regiserer. for instance, in Vietnam and Singapor . I have been studying the language for just over two years and by now must have had a lot of lessons. My teacher has been promising for about two years that after just one more lesson I will have no problem in speaking.

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