Should it not just be FOSTERS lager?

Is it because it belongs to FOSTERS?

I thought you did not apostrophise a noun???

Please help, it's driving me to drink!!!!!!

See what I did there?
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Apostrophes show possession or a missing letter. NEVER add an apostrophe when you make a word plural. It follows, then, that you use apostrophes with nouns and not verbs.
So, Foster's beer means that the beer belongs to Foster. By the way apostrophe is a noun and cannot be used as a verb as you have done!

Firstly, never ever use them when making a word plural:


Secondly, when a word is already plural you add 's:

children's socks, people's charter

Thirdly, in the singular you add 's:

a cat's tail, a roof's chimney

Fourthly, when you make a word plural by adding s;

cat-cats, you add an apostrophe after the s:

2 cats' tails, the houses' doors

Lastly, the opposite rule applies to its and it's:

when it means it is or it has you use it's and when it means belonging to it you use its

When it comes to names you use 's if the name does not end in s

Mr Smith's car, John's ruler, Mrs. Tompkin's cat

If the name ends in s already then you just add an apostrophe:
Keats' poems,
The final statement is arguable. Both forms are accepted.
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Thanks for the reply.

So, it could just be Foster lager.

Or we could have Carleberg's lager instead of Carlsberg or cans of Heinekan's????
No, these are brand names and you can't mess about with them.

In the case of Foster's lager, the company is called Foster's.

In the case of Carlesberg the company is called Carlesberg.

In the case of Heinekan the company is called Heinekan.

Use the form the company has chosen for its name.

Final question.

Is the company called Fosters, and the beer is Foster's beer?

Or would it be Foster beer, or in short, Foster's?
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No, the company name is Foster's. With the apostrophe.

From their site:
Foster's The Brand

Foster's Lager is the largest selling Australian beer brand in the world with more than 100 million cases of Foster's consumed worldwide every year.

Brewed in nine countries and over 20 plants, Foster's Lager is widely sold and distributed throughout Australia, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. It is the world's third most widely distributed brand, available in more than 150 countries.

Foster's Lager is the international flagship brand for the Foster's group.

http://www.fostersbeer.com /
I have a similar question about the use of an apostrophe. Let's say I had Facebook status that read, "Alan's verbless fragment of a Facebook status,"  let's just say.

Ok my question is this:  Does the apostrophe showing possession imply a verb?  Does an apostrophe showing possession actually mean "has?"  Like, "Alan has"would become "Alan's."  Or does the apostrophe there just mean possession and nothing else?
Obviously it belongs to Foster.
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