Hello there,

I can't remember the sentence exactly, but one thing made me post this question again.

And it is why in an affirmative sentence, because there wasn't a question mark. And i am just wondering what means why in affirmative sentences or it is just a typo. I doubt that because it was a positive sentence.

If my question isn't that clear for you to understand and answer, i will try to find that sentence and post it here again.

Dear Rimma, "why" is sometimes used to express surprise or annoyance, as in the sentence: "Why, of coarse I bought it!" or "Why, look whose here!". "Why" can be used like this in negative sentences as well, as in "Why, I've never seen anything like that!" or "Why, I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Thanks a lot. Now it makes sense, i guess.
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You're welcome.

Plz explain. Which one is correct.

1- why globalization is considered not suitable in pandemic

2- why is globalization considered not suitable in pandemic.