"I haven't usually breakfast in the morning"

It's a student error. How do i correct?
The positive form would be "I usually have breakfast in the morning", so it's easy to see how the mistake has been made. The student assumes that you simply use the negative form of have.
But why don't we? Why is an auxiliary verb employed in the negative but not the positive?

I've got to re-submit an assignment and this is the only point I've got to re-submit on.

Any ideas?
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I'm not sure they both have the same meaning.
I don't feel " I don't have acar" and " I haven't acar " are the same.
If "breakfast" were a verb, wouldn't it rather be "breakfasted"?
I don't think the teacher would not know that.
I would never say "I haven't time", I would say "I haven't got time" or "I don't have time"
Nesia, BrE
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