Let's imagine a situation where the fan is turned on in the hall, while the entire family is seated in the dining room. If I am annoyed that no one took the responsibility of turning off the fan before leaving the hall, I would ask something like, Why is the fan on/ running here, unnecessarily/ for no reason?

I'd like to know how a native speaker would say it.

Please help.

Thank you

writingtosmsI'd like to know how a native speaker would say it.

It depends on which aspect of the situation you want to focus on. There are probably 20 different things you might hear in that situation. One that comes to mind immediately for me is the following.

Who forgot to turn off the fan in the hall?

But there's also this:

Can one of you turn off the fan in the hall?

And, of course, much harsher:

I am sick and tired of mentioning this again and again. You know how annoyed I get when no one remembers to turn off the fan in the hall. Now somebody get over there and turn the damn thing off before I start throwing plates around the dining room. Emotion: big smile



I hear the fan running in the hall. Who will go turn it off?

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Thank you both very much for your kind responses; I truly appreciate them.

It's interesting to see the different formats native speakers use to address an issue.

But the problem I'm facing is that I have 200+ very commonly used sentences in Tamil that need to be translated to English, to teach/ help students who are trying to learn the language.

That's why I'm looking for decent English sentences that are closer to the Tamil version rather than a totally new format.

Having this background information, would it be possible to get a sentence close to, Why is the fan running unnecessarily/ for no reason?

Thank you

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