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I agree that equality is very important.
Personally I feel that racist people are that way because they do not know about the people they are discriminating.
There is racism, because people are ignorant. They don't understand that we won't be able to survive on this earth without eacother. Everyone talks about they want peace, but how can you have peace if you have racism going on everywhere? They say in The Declartion of Independence that "Every man is created equal", and my question is why haven't African American been exposed to that right yet?
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i agree with you all (Y)
racism only makes everything getting worse.
i have seem in some newspapers or news that African American try to exposed the right of equalism for each people. but although the respons were great but still in lifes we always find some person who judge someone seeing from their skin or look
without trying to understand or seeing more closely from they were
i think that because they seem to be afraid about something or someone who look different from them, think the negative way first without knowing the truth
Regretably humans tend to like an underdog to kick around. Take a look at bullies in schools.
All this comes from insecurity. Discuss by all means but basically we all have a little of it in us. The obvious thing is to promote harmony whereever we go and not belittle the next person or group or pretend what we know is better than anything else. Some of the so called discussions have been full of propaganda.
propaganda, uffff
hate it, cause full of promising thing that never happen or sweet word you say to makes people join or likes you. usually in politic. denialed something trully happen, agree something that no ever happen.
i think if you makes a list about great liar, first position is politicians.
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I hate racism. Hating people because they are different then you are. Ugh, I can't stand it.Emotion: angry
Sure, all of you may SAY that you hate racism but we've all been guilty of it once or twice.

Want to see a site that'll scare the pants off of you? go to: ***

Mod; In the interest of not propagating racist propaganda, the link has been removed - MIJ
I hate racism too. True, i have been guilty once, but i was a lot younger and i didn't know any better and I regret it terribly...a million apologies to everyone.
I think racism/stereoptyping exists because people are ignorant. I can't think of a better explanation...it's just plain ignorance.
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I'm not racist. I think it is stupid. But I don't agree with this:

"...we hate... we discriminate ... "

I don't hate, and I don't discriminate. And I don't think my neighbours discriminate and hate because of skin color. Or most of my fellow citizens. Or most people in my country.


ps. There is racism in the world, that's correct. But not in the entire world and with the same degree.
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