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Why is there racism?

Lots of reasons. For one, many people who are racist are fearful... they don't know others of another race very well personally so they believe stereotypes. I was in the military and met people who had never even met a black person before in the small towns where they grew up. So of course they had a view of black people (or other races) based on what they saw on television instead of reality.

If people actually get to know others from different races and countries, they soon realize that people have more in common than they think! We're all just human beings trying to live from day to day, care for our families, etc.

none of you are answering the question. WHY IS THERE RACISM? that is the question not how do you feel about it. I myself am looking for an answer and i entered the question as a search and i was led here..so please answer the question
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I think racism exists because the racial differences in others (especially faces and colour) are a distinguishing feature. Basic efficient human survival uses this frequently. I think all cultures describe other races using their own culture and race as a base. My girlfriend & her sister went to study in Japan and were each referred to as 'golden hair', because that is what visually made them different. We then use those visual, racial clues as a quick guess to what culture that person is from, so we link racial features with cultures, so many perceptions we have about foriegn cultures are carried with race. Those perceptions are often generalisations.
iagree. and racism will never end. because we as humans want to be supirior. we all want to be better then one another. and although we might not say we dont, we reallyEmotion: crying do
i aggre racism needs to stop
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i know all kinds of prejudice and discrimination should be stopped, including racism. white people look down upon colored people, rich people look down upon the poor. and in China, the people in big cities even look down upon their couterparts from the countryside...all of these discrimination exist and never fade away. if we sit down and talk about the problem peacefully, we'll find out how ridiculous how unfair even how inhuman they are. BUT when it comes to the interest connected to ourselves, can we still be so FAIR? So that's my puzzle...i'm newly graduate and still a job-hunter. lots of my classmates and friends cannot find a decent job. why? why it's so hard for a college graduate to live on his or her own these days?! one of the answers we can figure out is the people from other places of China have been crowding into our city and take away our opportunities, with their desperate want of more money. and the companies are willing to choose those much cheaper labourers, part of them are also well educated. so, it seems that they should be blamed.... what's more, most of the evil criminals and desperadoes in shanghai city are from other provinces....i just don't know how to explain more, i guess i know why racism still exsits and the reason of some western people be hostile to immigrants, at least one of the reasons...

i just want to be honest, i've got no viewpoints. i do not approve of racism, of course not. but a bit of confused...speaking out the words made me feel better
Hi Nicholetta!

I totally agree with youEmotion: angry What a pitythis RACISM VIRUSgets into some people and makes them so totally ugly! I'm glad though that there are peeps such as you and I who think with our hearts and not our ...Emotion: surprise

Lots of love

im with ya

i dnt like racism and im not just sayin it i hate wen i hear sum 1 say something becuz of wat colour they are or wat they dress like its not nice is it.

i hope people thinks before they something 2 someone
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why would you be so mean to a person cause of there skin color, its stupid and just not cool..................bitches!
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