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You are so right because it doesn't matter about black and white because where human

Anonymouswhy would you be so mean to a person cause of there skin color, its stupid and just not cool..................bitches!

I'm so glad to know that ya'll don't like it !Emotion: big smile[8]
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I have been gulity of being racist more then 4 time and trust me i will regret it for the rest of my lifeEmotion: sad

LoVe DeMmIEmotion: star


Never tolerate racism, speak up and get help.
Never suffer in silence.
Yeah most definitely. But i think racism is just a form of segregation in which the the weak and afraid hold on to an unrealistic eclipse of seldom power by discriminating through envy and jealosy. For example i was born in zimbabwe and came to live in salisbury,wiltshire and one thing ive found is that most black people i know want to be white and visa-versa. We need to start thinking about our children, love has no colour so why do we descriminate each other. what happened happened it is till to draw a line and move on to a better chapter. I think most people know the difference between wrong and right and that should be the deciding factor to branding an individual. If we stop talking about racism then it will just dissappear because there will be insufficient information for younger generation to master and choose a side. We as a world race have lost so many battles due to racism but everybody once peace and harmony and that is why untill today we havent lost the war against racism coz we all know it is wrong.
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i agree. but one problem not all people are good. you should get a reality check. cause we are really in the middle of it.we can't stop unless the powerful people do. i'm a 14 yr old muslim girl who is seeing a world being ruined by careless people of all cultures. it sad to see that no one has feelings about other races. i mean one person bombed up some place, yeah let him go to hell. but why they gotta hate all of us cause of so little people causing so much damage. and the most ironic thing is that when you want to come to a point of why we are doing this, there isn't. the people are not thinking about the younger generation and how they are making them think about other cultures. they are just causing more hatrid. it's redicilous. i mean i dnt have a scarf or anything so people don't really realise i'm a muslim, and i'm not going through what they are being discriminated by. a very small perentage wants all this racism.and the rest are just following their hypicrotical leaders.

i know you just want all of this to come to an end and let it become peaceful and a happy place to be, but the ones who want this to happen aren't as powerful as the ones who don't want peace and harmony.
There's racism because some people fail to comprehend the fact that they are not the only living on planet Earth.
i'm agree with you, i'm latin and i suffer discrimination it was terrible, and it must be stopped.
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why is there racism? it's a good question, maybe because someone thinks that he's better than other or something else,

it's always easy to blame someone else in your own trouble, it's very easy if he's a foreign or from other race.

why? i don't know.... maybe the qeustion will be: how can we stop the racism
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