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we all hate racism and we wanna stop it but what we are doing about it?

let's do smthng
Hello everyone,

I hate racism. Racism exists because people are insecured and they are egocentric to some extend. Only those people follow the racism who think they are the superior and it's due the abnormalities in some brain cells !!! Psychologically it's a disease.

So, we should not hate the racist but suggest them to consult a good psychiatrist.

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i dnt agre wid u!!!! stop acting lyk white people are all bad people black people tease white people. white people dnt feel safe in there own country! is dat wat u want???? n u tink dat the world is great!!!BUT LOOK WHEN PEOPLE SEE BLACK PEOPLE THEIR DONT TALK CUZ THERE TINK DAT THERE GONA GET SMASHD FROM THERE DATZ NOT KOOL. there is more crime happening for black people than there is white. dont get me wrong but not all black people are horrible there are nice one but there are also not nice ones. im sorry but i totally dnt agree.

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i agree. i'm in speech and i'm doing a Oratory about racism
We discriminate becuase certian races tend to have general attributes. For example, the Majority of the Mexican-American population are uneducated, so it's easy to stero-type the Mexican Americans, because generally it's true. Same with Americans, A LOT of them are obese.

Racism is very simple to develop, and its also inevitable. See, I'm racist to Mexican-Americans myself, despite being one myself. Why? Becuase I feel that the majority of Mexican Americans lose their culture, lose their language (I speak spanish, and it PISSES me off when Mexicans can't) and just poorly represent Mexico. So, yes, that's why I discriminate. Is it wrong? Not always, it almost always depends on the individual, but you can usually tell those "ganster" mexicans, and yes Im very racist against those people. They misrepresent Mexico, and It really makes me upset.
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It seems innate to mistrust those of a different culture, language, colour, faith, or social class, if one doesn't understand them. The only way to get round that is to be educated.
Hello :

Please read (How did Islam solve the problem of racism?)

Miss_muslimaHello :

Please read (How did Islam solve the problem of racism?)

Even though Islam has found a solution to the problem of racism it still haven't elimate it as of yet.

I know some Arabs tha believe African/Black Muslims are beneath them. Case in point...At the local Islamic Student Center a black Muslim man led prayers (he didn't mess up or anything). Some of the Arab brothers came in and said the prayer was valid because a black man led it...They said that prayer was supposed to be led by Arabs alone and then begain to say the prayer over again, this time with an Arab leading prayers.

Also, I am preparing to get married to a man who is Turkish...Many of the muslim women tried to get me to marry someone Black saying I would be better off marrying someone of my race/culture (some told me I would have an easier life). Some went as far as to say that I shouldn't get marry to the man just because he is Turkish and I am black...
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I'm with you
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