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stop racism! its not right!
I agree because nobody should discriminate agenst a diffrent race.
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Racism needs to go away people need to get use to other peoples skin color.Everyone is different.Even the people that are racist have a different skin color.I mean how would they feel if people hated them for no reason.
so do i

But racism is a elusion action through the others.

and i think racism is the choice of people that have not a certain characteristics.
Im totally with you.everyone has different skin color,and it will be that way forever more, so get used to it.If someone is really nice and you dont know them dont judje them thats stupidity right there.And when you read this hopefuly who ever is like that out in the world and reads this will understand because its just not cool.
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According to me there is racism because some people like to be racist,because they cannot think logically .Some people are racist because they are jealous of the other races.Some people are racist because they are revengefull and had been tortured by some other race .etc etc etc etc.Emotion: sad
I totally agree. Remember the old nursery rhyme of God's little children? It says no mater what color we should love.(In a more grown up sense) We shouldn't hate our brothers and sisters! I learned in science class that the reason why black people are so dark, is because they have more melonon (sorry spelling may not be correct) in their skin. That just means they have more chemical in their skin to make it darker. Some black people are low lifes, as well as some white people. Some black people are really respectable and got jobs and are on the right track to life. So there are white people. We have black people and black trash and white people and white trash. So we all even out.

-thank you,

Olivia, white female, 16 years of age.

March 27, 2007
yes am with you this whole racism is very stupied i wish there was a way we could stop it. Am happy there is someone who cares!!!!!!!
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I think racism is people being ignorant. I think racism started because of people being afraid of new things.
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