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There is racism because there are differences, because people look different they are not equal. Everyone is racist is in someway. I live in the United States and I don't like to go near black neighboorhoods, but they might be because so much negative media coverage. The media plays a large role in how we understand our world since we don't interpret it, it does and it can be biased and one-sided.
Simple, beacause there are different races.
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Oh, too simple. The different races can live in peace and the latter history shows many examples for this.
Any Being on this planet that practices Racism, or benifits either dirctly, or indirectly is assisting the negative forces of this universe in the total distruction of this planet. It is by no mere chance that the power of this planet lie with those those who refer to themselves a civilized. Do your own research, if you can get by your ego, and ask yourself, would you want a race of beings to come to planet earth, kill you and take your land and then give you their Gods(religion). These forces that control human nature, whether you call it the Devil, Luciferians, Evil, disagreeableness, only have one agenda in mind, and that is for total control of this planet, which we call Earth.

There is Racism on planet Earth because the masses of people on this planet are ignorant, which simply means to ignore the facts, because they in reality are deaf, dumb, and blind, but yet they call themselves civilized, not realizing that they are truely uncivilized. Take the time to look up the true meaning of the word.

Then who benifits, from racism, and since most people claim to be of some religious thought, and we believe that the Devil is evil, and God is good, then Why did God Create the Devil, and give him so much power. Why did god Allow the Devil to give so much hell and grief to Job, as it states in the Bible.

To make a long story short, I will give you a hint by saying this that. "Without man, there is no such thing as God." Man created God in His image. They beings that control palnet earth don't give a dam about race, but they control planet earth through race.

If you believe that you are better than someone because of your race, then you have already lost your soul, and. that is your destiny, because you allowed your ego to accept a lie without questioning, if this was this true or false. The evil beings who control this planet, set up everything to please your ego, but just like the Devil and Daniel Webster, your emortal soul is the price you will pay for you so call civilization of global white supremecy. For a mere 80 to 90 years of life on this physical plane of this 3rd dimension, our spirits and souls will pay the ultimate consequence.

Now listen carefully to what I am about to say: If you are happy or contented with lies that a leader of any nation can telly you that can cause cause millions to die, withou being spirtually angered, they your soul is lost. Just remember, that the Devil is a liar from the beginning, and it is his his job to capture your soul.

There is much more I can say, but you can e-mail me at <email address removed by mod.> Email Removed">

Racism is a crime. It is a crime to have prejudice against someone becasue of their ethnicity. It is a waste of human potential. Scientifically the temperature gradient causes an uneven distribution of temperature across the globe so countries closest to the equator experience warmer temeparatures for example Africa. So it is a normal process so therefore any racists are ignorant twits because it ican be explained why there is diversity in skin colour all over the world so then why is there ignorant prejudice. Frankly if anyone is a racist they are mentally incapacitated in order not to fuction well with different people so they have the problem and they need help. Diversity makes life rich and interesting. Blacks or any dark skinned people are not inferior but the same as the fair skinned and people should be judged on their skills and their conduct as an individual in society. Racial prejudice is pathetic, it is stupid and intolerable, perhaps the most and biggest issue we have amongst the human race.
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Emotion: surpriseYou are right! What good is it to judje someone because they are not like you?It's just wrong. [L]The world would be a better place if there was no racism! Emotion: paradise
I’m against racism. We all humans despite the differences in religion, color, country, appearance, whatever the long list of differences, we share the same sorrows, difficulties in life; we all tend to seek the goodness and happiness in this life. What the cost we’ll gain after discriminating between this and that?! We should try to treat every one justly in spite of whoever this person would be. Our life doesn’t deserve from us to spoil it by this, we haven’t chosen to born with this kind of color or from this type of parent or to be beautiful of ugly.
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you are totally right there is too much racism in the world
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