we need to stop racism, its not right.just because of skin color, we hate.just because of skin color, we descriminate.it's not right. if you're a good person, dont be racist!reply if you're with me.
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I agree with you. Maybe it comes about from people's insecurity about themselves. Another pet hate of mine is Classism.
i totally agree, i hate racism
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Iam extremely agree with you....
so do i..
Me too.
Agree with 'it's from insecurity',good point
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Racism should not be around. Why would someone want to judge someone by there color? That's just cruel. Racism is not the answer. Everybody in the world is just like eachother, we all are human beings that should be treated equally.
I also hate racism
we may all dislike it but we are all guilty of it at one point or another. no matter what color you are
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