Can you add the word "to" in these two sentences?

1.Can you send (to ????) me the present?

2. Give (to ?????) the present.

If none of the sentences requires the word "to", then can you give me some examples where they will be needed?

Also, should the underlined verb be "requires" or "require"?
1. Should not have the "to." Send me the present. But, it would be Send the present to me. Show her the letter. Show the letter to her. It all depends on where the indirect object goes in the sentence. My French is rusty, but isn't it the same? Donne lui le cadaeu or donne le cadeau a lui? (Sorry for my horrible spelling. It's been over 20 years since my last French class and when you say it out loud, spelling doesn't count.")

2. This doesn't work. You have to give it to someone. If the person you're giving it to comes before "the present," then there is no "to." Give Jean the present. If it is after, then it has a to. Give the present to Jean.
As for the underlined verb, 'requires' is correct.